Walt Taulbee

Over the past 65 years,I have been deeply involved in Sports -10 years in National and International competition, won three gold medals in Water Skiing and Three in Snowskiing (1) Giant Slalom and (2) in Downhill. Played football in high school, 5years in Semi-pro baseball, soccer, squash, handball and racquetball to name a few.I played most of these on a pro level or class A level.   Over the years I have suffered many aches and sprains. In the olden days we used Ben Gay, worked well except you smelled like a race horse.They got better over the years but those who worked good still,we didn’t mind it but the girls did. You had me try Flow and the Green Lady Hemp derived Menthal rollon.  The flow worked penetrated good and no smell.The Menthal rollon is very good, probably the best I have ever used. Penetrates extremely well and deep, leaves no smell and stays with me longer than any others.  … I would recommend this to any one suffering sprains, strains or anything else. It really works. 

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